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Nietzschean Conversion

In the second post of this blog I pointed out St. Paul’s extended treatment of the relationship of the two testaments, and the preeminence of Christ as the prism for understanding Moses and the Old Testament. The post also noted … Continue reading

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The Feast of the Annunciation via John Donne

On Annunciation and Passion Falling on the Same Day. 1609. by John Donne TAMELY, frail body, abstain to-day ; to-day My soul eats twice, Christ hither and away. She sees Him man, so like God made in this, That of … Continue reading

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(High Calvinist) Evangelicals and the Eucharist

A good piece by my priest, Fr. Andrew Damick. His blog is well worth looking at. Roads from Emmaus

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Some passing thoughts on imputed righteousness

Imputation means that something is reckoned to our benefit, or, as it were, a debt paid on our behalf by someone else. The term is of Latin derivation, as puto, putare, means to think, to believe, to reckon, to value, … Continue reading

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The Blessings of Mundane Christianity

Do you not know that of all those who run in a race, only one obtains the laurel? So run, that you may receive it. Every man that strives for the championship is disciplined in everything. Now they do it … Continue reading

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Alienation is a concept widely and wildly appealed to by numerous thinkers and for various reasons. Freud, Nietzsche, Marx, Shaw, each used the concept for their own purposes, though each also in respect to man’s seeming estrangement from his fellow … Continue reading


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The Sunday of the Cross: the path of the disciple

“Before Thy Cross, we bow down in worship O Master. And Thy holy resurrection we glorify.” On Ash Wednesday of this year I read the postings of a someone I think in her early twenties. She had attended services in … Continue reading

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The Light of Christ illuminating True Humanity

“In the Old Testament, to see God was to die; in the New Testament to meet God is to live.” Metropolitan Anthony Bloom of blessed memory, in his Meditations on a Theme. Having come from a Presbyterian and Evangelical background, … Continue reading

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Why Lux Christi

Between the reading of the two Old Testament lessons during the wonderfully beautiful Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts, the priest serving the liturgy comes out of the Royal doors and intones “Wisdom! Let us attend! The Light of Christ illumines … Continue reading

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