Wednesday of Holy Week

Tonight we remembered the sinful woman who anointed our Lord’s feet, and who, unlike Judas, did not horde her money, but spent on that which is worth more than all fine gold, namely our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Hymn of St. Kassiani

O Lord God, the woman who had fallen into many sins having perceived Thy divinity received the rank of ointment-bearer offering Thee spices before Thy burial wailing and crying: Woe is me, for the love of adultery and sin hath given me a dark and lightless night; accept the fountains of my tears O Thou Who drawest the waters the waters of the sea by the clouds incline Thou to the sigh of my heart O Thou Who didst bend the heavens by Thine inapprehensible condescension; I will kiss Thy pure feet and I will wipe them with my tresses I will kiss Thy feet Whose tread when it fell on the ears of Eve in Paradise dismayed her so that she did hide herself because of fear; who then shall examine the multitude of my sin and the depth of Thy judgment? Wherefore, O my Saviour and the Deliverer of my soul turn not away from Thy handmaiden O Thou of boundless mercy.

The icon is Latinate, but the chant is wonderful.


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  2. g2-82c6429507c0e1bc108524e42ffeb65f says:

    Cyril, can you e-mail me at haasjoel[at]yahoo[dot]ca ? I am from a PCA/CRC background and am considering entering the catechumenate.

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