A very good read

I had hoped to get some things published this week, but two items have been weighing upon my time, namely school, and my daughter, whose seventeenth year has proven to be very trying for her mother and me. Nevertheless, I have taken note of some interesting items, including this grand piece by my co-religionist, Dylan Pahman, who works at the Acton Institute, on Bulgakov’s doctrine of relics. It is very much worth a read.

To note the first of the salient points, for Bulgakov, relics (such an embarrassing thing to talk about among us moderns) are closely linked to the Eucharist (and why they are part of every Orthodox altar), for they speak of the resurrected life and the presence of Christ’s kingdom. Saints are not dead, but alive.


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2 Responses to A very good read

  1. Athanasia says:

    Every 17 year old makes life difficult for their parents. She thinks of YOU as a relic! 🙂

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