The Way of All Blogs

If something can’t go on forever, it won’t. At some point I will pack this blog in, and given that I have been too overwhelmed with other matters to pay proper attention to this, now would seem like a good time to do so.
But having said that, I am not, simply because I have promised too many of you answers on particular questions, and there are posts that I have sitting in my “Current projects” folder that I need just for myself to get finished. I have some other blog obligations which I have not been fulfilling, but those are not as pressing as this has been on my mind.

I have a familial obligation I must attend to, what are listed under the corporal works of mercy in the interment of the departed, namely my sister-in-law Shirl, who reposed in Christ last week. Her funeral is Tuesday and Wednesday (and I covet your prayers for her soul, and for that of her husband Robert and son Joshua). I then have an essay to finish on Michael Servetus, the heretic that so many people want to beat Calvinists over the head with since Calvin burned him at the stake (something which is not really true, technically or formally) as part of a book proposal. This I would like to finish by 15 April. I have an essay on Peter Martyr Vermigli’s view of human nature as it relates to republicanism (entitled “Citizen Vermigli”) that has to be sent to my editor, also by 15 April. I think this is pretty much finished, so that is not quite so pressing. Then I have students.

My mind though is fixed on particular articles on economics and sound money, the centrality of the doctrine of recapitulation, and lastly answering a question put to me by a reader as regards the Venerable Bede. I love Bede, and am at the moment translating his commentary on the catholic Epistles with my Latin students (and while both have heard of the catholic Epistles, and while one of them was Biblical Studies and the other an Honors student, neither could tell me what the catholic epistles were, or why they were called catholic). It is not that I want to give up, I want to press on.

There will always be distractions. What I want to do is to try to limit them. And so, I close wishing all my Latin and Latinized friends a blessed Easter, for Christ is Risen, and death hath no more dominion.



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6 Responses to The Way of All Blogs

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  2. Pete says:

    Memory Eternal! Take all the time you need, Cyril, and may your sister-in-law enter into the joy of the Lord through God’s infinite compassion and mercy!

  3. Billy says:

    Know that I always enjoy reading your blog. Occasionally, I don’t understand all the points of a single post and have to re-read several times. But I trust you for sound analysis of theological and philosophical questions. Please continue to post as you have time. Your labors are not in vain and I have little doubt that the Lord rewards those who dedicate their time to enlightening others…particularly, when they do so at no cost to the reader.

  4. Bullfrog says:

    He is risen indeed.

  5. I have the Cistercian Pubs version of Bede’s Catholic epistles. Your translation will be better! The is nothing like going o a good “Bede Bender” to enliven the mind and enrich the soul. Besides Cistercian Pubs there is also TFT that prints a number of his works, especially on the Tabernacle/Temple/Ezra-Nehemiah (also the temple!

  6. Memory Eternal…………………….

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