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Thoughts on Prayer V: Sober thinking about prayer.

I had mentioned earlier that I assent to Aristotle‚Äôs distinction between arrogance and pride, arrogance corresponding to what we generally think of as superfluous boasting and unwarranted bragging, whereas pride has to do with a correct assessment of our lives, … Continue reading

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The Reveries of a Fishing Fool

My fishing trip was grand, as always. I missed two of my partners in crime, Jesse and Ed, but the rest of us soldiered on without them, however hard that was. I have been making this trip since 1990 when … Continue reading

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The Love and Hate of God in Romans 9

At last recovered from fishing (but more on that later). At last to some thoughts on Romans 9. One of my former Calvinist mentors once opined that most people had little problem understanding why God hated Esau: what the real … Continue reading

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