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The real lesson of the Good Brahmin

{The Story of a Good Brahmin, my last post, should be read first, before reading this.} Happiness or Reason? Civilization or Barbarism? Parliaments or Despotism? Hitler hated politics, by which we should understand, to use the modern term of disdain, … Continue reading


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A short story: comments to follow.

STORY OF A GOOD BRAHMIN            Traveling through India, I met an old gentleman of the highest caste, a Brahmin, a very wise man, witty and learned.  On top of that, he was rich, and consequently even wiser;  for, lacking … Continue reading

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A thought from Desiderius Erasmus

While I can hardly commend everything in Erasmus, I often find something in him I love. We were covering him today in my Renaissance class and I related how he become the tutor of William Blount, Lord Mountjoy, while both … Continue reading

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Vegetative Dogmas: Chesterton and the Gnostics

Though I had originally published this piece previously at Perry Robinson’s blog, in light of Fr. Behr’s lecture I linked to earlier, I thought I’d dust it off and edit where necessary to make it au courant. Also, in light … Continue reading

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A very good read

I had hoped to get some things published this week, but two items have been weighing upon my time, namely school, and my daughter, whose seventeenth year has proven to be very trying for her mother and me. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

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Eugenics, Population Control, and the Total State

I am working on a couple posts in regard to totalitarianism, the myth of the state, and anti-humanism. This mentality is rampant in both the world and in the US. I recommend, though the article is not for those with … Continue reading

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Through the cross Joy has come into the World

Pascha is the highlight of my year. I love all the feasts, but Holy Week, when entered into fully, comes as near to heaven for me as I think something here can. As an Orthodox I have been blessed in … Continue reading

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“Arise O God and judge the earth, for to Thee belong all the nations.”

Our father among the Saints, St. Hippolytus of Rome, has the dubious honor of being the first anti-pope; that is, the first man who asserted that he was the true bishop of Rome against three different ponitffs rightly considered the … Continue reading

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Great and Holy Friday

Today we Orthodox Christians remember a number of things that pertain to our salvation, most importantly, of course, our Savior’s life-giving death on the cross. We also remember the wise thief, that holy tradition has named as St. Dismas. What … Continue reading

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Wednesday of Holy Week

Tonight we remembered the sinful woman who anointed our Lord’s feet, and who, unlike Judas, did not horde her money, but spent on that which is worth more than all fine gold, namely our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. … Continue reading

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