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Episode 28 The Life and Times of Origen

I dove further into the life of Origen with this episode (found here), and below are the various items that I cited during the podcast. Doxamoot info, “A Reverence for Things Nobler” is here. Patterns for Life is here.

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Episode 27. A brief intro to Origen

Today we begin our look at Origen. Any look has to be partial, as he was a man of vast learning, and certainly someone who produced 1000s of different types of writings (letters, sermons, tracts, larger treatises). Controversial in his … Continue reading

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Episode 26: The Decian Persecution

In this week’s podcast we look at the mid-third-century persecutions enacted by the Emperor Decius. The heaviest blows fell on larger cities, and especially in Alexandria and Carthage.

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The Imperial Persecutions Begin. Episode 25

This episode (found here) covers a number of texts, the most important is the Martyrdom of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas and their companions. You can read the whole of their account here, with the main episodes copied below.

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